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Kapal Perang TNI-AL Jenis Corvette Terbaru

(copied from Schelde Naval Shipbuilding website)
Class particulars
The four SIGMA-class corvettes for the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) are designed according to the revolutionary SIGMA-approach from Schelde Naval Shipbuilding. This approach applies modular in many areas, which offers the user great flexibility at reduced costs.

The corvettes are equipped with a comprehensive combat and communication suit fitted on a spacious platform accommodating 80 persons, a large helicopter deck and a twin-screw diesel propulsion. The superior propulsion and sea keeping capabilities make the SIGMA class Corvettes perfectly suited for maritime search and patrol operations in the Indonesian territorial waters. Basic functions are Naval Patrol EEZ, Deterrence, Search And Rescue and ASW.

A helicopter deck for helicopters with a maximum weight of 5 tons, with lashing points and refuelling system is provided. Heli operations can be performed at day and nightThe vessels are built according to Lloyds Register Class for unrestricted service and are enhanced by proven naval principles.
Dimensions(m) 90.71oa x 13.02 x 3.60
Displacement(t) 1700
Main machinery 2 x diesel engines at 8910 kW max. power each
2 shafts with CPP
Passive roll stabilisation
Speed(knots) 28
Range(nautical miles) 300 at 18 kt
Accommodation 80

Missiles SSM Exocet
SAM Tetral
Guns 76mm Super Rapid
2 x 20mm
Torpedoes 2 x B515 trainable launchers
Countermeasures 2 x SKWS launchers
Combat data systems Tacticos
Weapon control systems LIROD Mk2 FC Radar
Radars MW08 3D Radar
Sonars Kingklip hull-mounted sonar